• How do I know you will have the music we want? (back to top)
    Our website has a secure client data area to build a "must play", "should play" and "don't play" list, and an additional section for music related to formalities. We are prepared to play (or not play) everything in these sections, no matter what. No excuses, ever.

    If you would like to test out our client data area, click here and use the event date "10-10-2009" and password "10".

  • How do I know that you will play the music we want? (back to top)
    Many prospective clients have told us horror stories about entertainers ignoring explicit client demands. We have no agenda at an event. We play what you want when you want it. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem in our industry where entertainment companies straight out lie to prospective customers about the willingness to follow a play list. This is not a game we play. Ignoring your requests can't possibly payoff for us.

  • How do I know you will follow my instructions for issues like timeline, DJ personality (outgoing vs. laid back), etc. (back to top)
    Unfortunately, it is standard practice in our industry to make promises that seem to go unfulfilled. All we can say is, we aren't "The honest entertainment company" for nothing. If we can't deliver on a need, we are happy to tell you who can.

  • Are references available? (back to top)
    We happily provide references.

  • Is equipment consumer or professional model? (back to top)
    Our equipment is professional model, but the brands vary amongst our 40 people. If this is a major concern, we suggest you ask your prospective entertainment company to see the equipment.

  • Are you insured? (back to top)
    Yes, we provide proof of insurance to caterers every day.

  • What do you do to eliminate the possibility of the volume becoming TOO LOUD? (back to top)
    We can size (big vs. little) the speakers based on the facility size and number of guests. But most of all, our staff members are mature enough to understand that they are not the focus of the event (you are), and that the best entertainers use a contrast of dynamics instead of only one (LOUD).

  • How do I know you will send the staff member we request? (back to top)
    This is far and away the worst problem in the industry. Buyer beware. In multi-DJ companies, one DJ is often promised to four clients on the same evening. We absolutely won't do this.

  • Will I see a mess of wires, ugly equipment, etc. on and around the DJ's table? (back to top)
    We use a facade that hides the table, so you won't see anything other than the DJ's head (or upper body if they are tall!!)

  • Why should we hire you? (back to top)
    If you have never seen us at an event or spoken with us, it is premature to hire us. We suggest finding a way that is right for you to get to know us, then decide if we are the right entertainers.
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